Simultaneous Blogging Experiment becomes international

31 Oct

Some of you may well remember the last simultaneous blogging experiment I undertook – no?  Well, it went like this.  Get fourteen poets who also have blogs, give them a theme to respond on in any way they chose, then ask them to all post simultaneously and linking to each other.  The result?  It’s practically a digital magazine, although no editing at all has taken place other than what the poet themselves wished to do.

So, at the end of November it’s going to happen again, and this time it will be international.  There will be twelve poets, I’ve been asked already if there is a religious symbolism to this and I am afraid the answer is no.  It’s is very unpoetically just a more practical number.  However, there group is divided in two, with one half being English speaking poets and the other half Spanish speaking poets.  All the bloggers are aloud to use any regional variation of the language in which they write, or any dialect that they chose, and they only have to accompany their work with a translation if they wish.

Everyone will be posting on the same day 27th November, and at the same time 12.00 BST.

One Response to “Simultaneous Blogging Experiment becomes international”

  1. Titus November 1, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Exciting! Scary!

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