My new disguise

7 Sep

Tonight I am settling down to start a whole new part of my poetry career, editing.  As part of the Marvelou arrangement with my cousin I have all control over words, and she has all control of the look and physical feel of the book.  Our first call for submissions on found poetry has now closed.  At first I was worried that no one would respond, and I am very pleased to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who did decide to submit.  Particularly given the fact that Marvelou is completely new, has no reputation and as it is limited edition each poet won’t get a copy.

However, now with the call closed, my week-long migraine abated, and everything printed out in a nice folder I can procrastinate no longer.  I hope first and foremost to create an excellent edition of found poetry.  However I am also beginning to realise what a journey is involved in editing something like this.  Perhaps I will come through the other end a better, wiser poet – who knows.  The one thing that is for certain is that however emotional I find editing, none of it would be possible without our contributors.

Thank you.

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