2 Sep

Not that long ago I let all my readers know that I had been lucky enough to be included in Emergency Verse an anthology of poetry in defense of the welfare state.  The anthology is the brain child of Alan Morrison, who is a strong and forthright believer in the ability of poetry to change things, and to make a difference.

I feel very privileged to be included, because as a relative newcomer to poetry I suddenly find myself gracing the same pages as much more illustrious and talented poets such as Michael Horovitz, Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen, Ken Worpole and Mario Petrucci – yes, people who even those who aren’t poetry geeks will have heard of.  For once the glazed look my non-poetry chums take on when I start gushing about posey lights up with a glimmer of recognition.

The anthology is published by Caparison e-books, and is very affordable at £2.99.  Alan is hoping that in selling enough copies of Emergency Verse as an e-book he will raise enough money to produce it as a bound book.  My excitement at being included is not only to suddenly find myself in an anthology of respected writers, but as much at the blend of poetry and politics it contains.

Having studied media and working in both PR and politics I have often found there is little proper analysis or informed debate about what is happening in British politics or basic political policy – bar texting opinions to whatever magazine show is popular in the mornings.  The sheer bafflement of the media, under pressure to roll 24 hours, at the hung parliament in Westminster was laughable.  Add to this the very little basic understanding of economics there is in our culture and it is both ourselves and future generations who will not so much be reaping the whirling, as extracting themselves from layers of fetid social decay.

Anyway – that’s the end of my political rant, and I don’t expect my readers to share my view or even agree with me.  However, you might like to check out the anthology, and the Guardian article about it too.

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