A press is being concieved

12 May

Sometimes I wonder if my constant need to be doing something and the feeling of malaise I get when “there’s nothing interesting going on” is actually yet another character flaw.  The result of my latest bout of “why is nothing interesting happening-itis” has resulted in my cousin and I intending to set up a small press.

Small presses are generally called so because (and I have not done a thorough jobs of researching here) they have annual sales below the $50m mark.  Now, we’re not really planning on aiming at $50m, in fact I think covering the cost of materials will be a great bonus.  Due to much limited free time we are planning an incredibly small run of 10-20 limited edition hand bound book.  So perhaps micro-press or atom-press might be a more apt term to use.

When I first started out seriously in the poetry community my main ambition was on publication, and in many ways it still is.  However, becoming part of the poetry scene meant that I started meeting a lot of people who not only wrote but actually created some beautiful books and pamphlets.  I started to understand that there is a serious art to creating a hand bound book, and luckily, I happen to be related to someone who can do it.

So often though the binding of a book is created in response to it’s contents.  Our first run is going to experiment with the idea of creating the writing in response to the materials which the book is made from.  My cousin, the lovely and talented Gillian Jack is currently in London and shall be looking at some very exciting paper.  Of course there are still a lot of mundane details to work out, but the great thing is, as it’s our press, we can work to our own timescales and around our commitments.

And the name you ask?  You’ll be the first to know…

This week I have been reading back issues of PN Review which my brother picked up for me from Word Power Books in Edinburgh.

One Response to “A press is being concieved”

  1. ozbeeuk May 13, 2010 at 11:58 am #

    Excited by this … love love handset fonts, paper stock, graphics as art … good luck.

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