The Rejection Club?

10 Apr

Trying to become a poet is not an easy thing.  It involves a lot of hard work, a lot of criticism, a lot of getting it wrong, a lot of learning from your mistakes, and most of all a lot of rejection.  I have been writing seriously for just over two years now, and one of the things that I have discovered is that even poets who I admire get rejections.  It does not necessarily get easier, you just accept it more.

So how do we cope with rejection?  One idea that I have come up with is to start a rejection club.  The basic idea is that anyone who is a member of the club has to be so for a year.  In that year every member keeps evidence of their rejections.  At the end of the year, the poet with the most rejections is bought a prize, a drink by every other member or a meal by the whole group, by way of commiserating with their bad luck.   There will also be a prize for the publication who has given a member the best rejection letter, and the worst.

If there is enough interest in this idea I will set it up.  There is no need for the club to be limited to the Edinburgh area.  The plan I have means that it can be set up anywhere in the world.  Geography is no limit to rejection.

2 Responses to “The Rejection Club?”

  1. Jenny Lindsay May 4, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Oh oh! Me me! I got rejected for the 21 New Voices of the 21st Century (i think this was the title anyway…) bloodaxe collection – after THEY asked me to send them stuff….rejection oh rejection after a false high 🙂 Does being rejected by an audience count? Id win if it did 🙂 Because I don’t really try to get published, how’s about I share the Best of the Worst Things An Audience Member Says to me throughout the year: things like, “well…it’s certainly braaave to read some poems out loud isn’t it?” He he he…The rejected of the world should definitely come together – cos the worst part of rejection is feeling like everyone knows you are a reject and is laughing at ye…If we share it then they can! Hurrah!

  2. alumpinthethroat May 5, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    The Bloodaxe thing must have really smarted. Ouch.

    Anyway the club is set up So far no one has expressed any interest at all in joining, which I have taken as some kind of meta form of irony.

    It’s only for a year at a time mind, but I reckon we could count audience rejections, perhaps you could do a kind of show and tell of things that have been thrown at you?

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