10 Apr

If Carlsberg made poetry magazines…
Well, it certainly wouldn’t be making Popshot, as let’s face it, Carlsberg just isn’t that good a lager.  I was very excited this week to receive my gratis copy of Popshot, partly because is is a very beautifully made magazine, but mainly because I am in it.

This issue was on the theme of Liberate, and my poem The Toad Burps, was accepted.  What made me doubly excited is that every poem is illustrated.  It is always interesting to see how different art forms can feed off each other and I am extremely pleased with the talented  James Majowski’s interpretation of my work.

I was pleased also to find a poem by Helen Mort in this edition.  I first came across Helen’s work when reading the 10th Anniversary Anthology of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award, and I very much enjoyed her piece Poem for Ben.

This week I have listened to Suckers!  Poets and Parasites, a BBC Radio 4 production looking at the relationship between poetry and blood sucking insects.

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