The theme for the year: Collaboration

7 Mar

After having a pretty awful week last week I wasn’t sure if I was really up for a spot of poetry speed-dating.  For those of you who may think I am already lining up husband number 2. do not worry, I am most certainly not.

The speed dating was a This Collection event.  This Collection is a collaboration between poets and filmmakers.  There have been 100 poems chosen for the collection, all on the theme of Edinburgh.  The speed-dating event was to set film makers and poets up together to kick-start to collaborative process.  I was really pleased to find a film maker who completely understood my poem (The Castle) without me needing to explain.  I was then also informed that there are other who also want to work on my poem – which at once was really exciting but also very suprising.  I had not expected such a great reaction.

The speed-dating, and also post event pub conversation got me thinking about collaboration.  I realised that this year almost every poetry related event I have been involved in had been collaborative.  Firstly there was the excellent Hidden Door Festival, in which almost anyone with any sort of creative bent took part – we might have missed out mimes, but as there will be another Hidden Door this year we can right that oversight.

Secondly I am soon to have a poem published in Popshot, which I will blog about more later.  Popshot is a magazine not just of poetry, but also illustration.  Every illustrator is given one poem to illustrate, and I can’t wait to see the illustration that goes along with mine.  Then thirdly I took part in the Song of Solomon project with Poetry at the GRV.  The project saw a large group of poets write a poem each in response to a line from the Song of Solomon, and perform them all on the same night.

All three of these  projects have had an energy and excitement about them, and I think this springs mainly from the fact that they are collaborative.  I feel that creative people work of each other, and together can create quite a momentum and energy, all of which comes through in the resulting work.  Having worked on my poetry on my own for what feels like a long time I find working with others very refreshing.  I hope that the current trend in collaboration carries on throughout the year.

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